License to Parent
A Move the World Film
George Siegal
License to Parent
A documentary film that focuses on the lack of any requirements needed for parenting. The film looks at people's stories--men, women and children whose paths in life were set by the family to which they were born.
The film shows that if we can raise the standard of parenting, we can make our world a better place in which to live.
George Siegal is an accomplished broadcaster whose career began in 1982.  He currently owns and operates JEL Productions , a documentary film, and television production company.  Among his productions to date is the television series, “Show Me Texas,” as well as the reality home-building television series, “The Concrete Show.”  
Early in his career, George was a weather anchor/feature reporter for ABC Television in Bakersfield, California.  He went on to Fresno and a role as weather anchor/feature reporter for ABC Television, and then weather anchor/feature reporter for Fox Television in San Francisco.  His career in front of the camera has included the role of morning show host/weather anchor for ABC Television in Seattle, morning show host/weather anchor for NBC in Detroit, and the main weather anchor for NBC Television in San Antonio.   Before moving behind the camera, George was on the national stage as a sports anchor for Financial News Network and host of “Time out for Trivia with George Siegal.” 
Over the years, George has made many public appearances in cities across the country to benefit charities.  One of his proudest moments was serving as on-air host for the Jerry Lewis Telethon benefitting Muscular Dystrophy.  George served as a marketing and communications advisor to Community for Education Foundation and has produced numerous videos for the organization including Overcoming Obstacles’ 18-minute informational video, which debuted at the 2012 Achievement Awards.  In 2013, George wrote his first children’s book, “Boris The Donkey:  I Want Something Better.” In 2014 George wrote his second children’s book titled “I Hate That.” George recently was a Director/Producer on the Documentary film “Ripple Effect.”
A father of five ranging in ages from 7 to 23 years of age, George and his wife, Nancy, live in Tampa, Florida.  As a parent, George is concerned about children’s issues and strongly believes that something needs to be done to raise the standard of parenting in this country. That’s the inspiration behind his current documentary film project “License To Parent.” The film focuses on the repercussions of bad parenting.
License to Parent
2018 Release